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tv   [untitled]    December 21, 2011 5:01pm-5:31pm EST

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forces continue cracking down on occupy wall street protesters and it appears the men in blue are getting some top secret companions. and three cars minox aboard the russian soyuz are headed to the international space station coming up we'll tell you the unique experiment they'll be conducting and why it's so important to mankind. it's wednesday december twenty first five pm in washington d.c. i'm liz wahl and you're watching artsy well assassinated science has to down drones to mysterious explosions some argue that the u.s. and israel are already in a covert war with iran and from the rhetoric we're hearing from republican presidential candidates and government leaders it seems there is a push for an all out war with the country take
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a look. i think our goal should be replacing the viewing indicators that madman to keep iran from having a nuclear weapon the right response to that would have been to go immediately after gone down and destroy if we have been a violent man a man who uses that nuclear weapon to wipe nations off the face of the earth iran's nuclear and ballistic missile activity poses a real threat. i would say to the government or room today you have a very short time to solve this on your own and if you don't we will solve it for you and we frankly couldn't care less what the rest of the world thinks but i think the iranians have to believe as well that a particular leadership believes that america would consider taking military option we may be past the point of no return in the sense that iran does have inside the country everything it needs to produce a nuclear war. maximum covert operations. to block and disrupt the iranian program
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including taking out their scientists including breaking up their systems all of the covertly all of the deniable take everything at our disposal to make sure that iran does not have a nuclear weapon would i go to war to stop them from getting nuclear weapon if that's if that ultimately was what necessary they're one of the four state sponsors of terror in the world there are training camps jihad is training camps in central and south america they're working with the drug cartels and they are planning an assault on the united states that's what we know is going on right now. so it seems the u.s. is eager to engage in another war the justification this time being that iran is developing their nuclear weapons program and now the mainstream media is adding fuel to the fire and pushing to add other countries to the list of terrorism contenders that's all things to a documentary that portrays venezuela cuba and iran as teaming up in mexico to plot
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against terrorists to add them to the terrorist list that they are plotting these attacks against u.s. interests here to here's a peek into the documentary titled the iranian threat it's produced by spanish language corporation univision. but univision investigation reveals in a conspiracy against the u.s. government. in mexico. this is. showing latin america has become the new front line in seeking. washington to run and it sound like a love for. the global cookie. spent. well we should add that univision who produced that documentary is owned by israeli american media mogul haim saban but this documentary is being taken quite
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seriously by some right wing u.s. lawmakers it's being used as yet another weapon against iran providing justification to go in war going to war with the country so what is behind the documentary and is this another attempt to keep the drums of war beating against iran to talk more about this i'm joined by jim all of the policy director of the national iranian american american council welcome jamal so this documentary is stirring up quite a bit of controversy how credible would you say that it is not credible at all it's . completely ludicrous it's based on very. substantial evidence and i think that it's part of the war propaganda machine that we're seeing ramping up right now when it comes to iran. what is you're saying it's not credible so what is the agenda behind it. and who is behind it well there has been this campaign
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sort of the perfect marriage for hawks in the u.s. you know people who want to get tough on cuba venezuela people who want to get tough on iran they're driven by two of the most powerful lobbying groups in washington the you know cuban lobby and you know a packin israel lobby so. linking iran and latin america is very convenient. the fact that it's not credible comes from you know if you watch the documentary they're saying that a team of student hackers was led by their leftist professor to make an offer to hack into the white house computer system and presented this to iran and this is somehow credible evidence of you know iranian terror plot. it's not credible at all and the state has commented on these things before and basically said it's much that this is not this is not legitimate but it's still
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being used by u.s. lawmakers as an example. iran being a nuclear threats so would you say that this is another weapon to go to war with iran another justification to go to war with iran yeah absolutely right now i think that a lot of these folks are on a quest for cost especially to go to war with iran and to say that iran is right there on our border is a very compelling way to ratchet up for your about iran and to make this case that we need to do something militarily to to address it but. i just you know we're seeing this propaganda machine we're seeing this coordinated campaign right now and the irony is that a lot of the hardliners in iran love this stuff you know and it came into office wanting to build this perception at least that iran was getting involved in latin america and so there's a symbiotic relationship between hardliners in iran and hardliners in the united
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states to make it seem like this is actually happening when in reality you ron's presence in latin america is very minimal i want to take a moment to listen to what the lex he is the former head of the international atomic energy agency what he had to say he compares iraq and iran and their potential to develop nuclear weapons mr blix he also led the u.n. weapons inspections team and iran prior to the iraq war let's take a listen. well there are some similarities in the. escalation of the language in the threats. that we had in the case of iraq and now having a case of iran on the other hand we must remember that in the case of iraq they talked about. weapons that in fact did not exists today they are talking about iranian intentions. or they may not exist so how would you compare
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iraq and iran and terms of their capacity to develop nuclear weapons and could we see an iraq situation unfolding now in iran i think in terms of the politics are very similar i think we are seeing the same type of campaign that we saw in two thousand and two. i think it's very important that people understand what is the status of iran's nuclear program a majority of americans actually believe that iran has nuclear weapons they don't because of. you know documentaries like this one that spread these this misinformation. so i think it's very similar but the fact is you know leon panetta the defense secretary actually had to walk back some comments he made that iran could assemble a nuclear weapon within a year and had clarify that's not a timeline that starts until he ran actually makes the decision to pursue a nuclear weapon and everything we've seen whether it's the reason i report whether it's u.s. intelligence reports continue to say you run has not made that decision they're
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keeping the that option on the table to pursue a nuclear weapon just like the u.s. is keeping the option on the table to go to war with iran and i want to also play another clip for you this one from the former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton on exactly this and i'll get your take on it afterwards. if north korea keeps its nuclear weapons capability if iran achieves nuclear weapons other countries would have a strong incentive to go nuclear as well so this problem of proliferation that that is the very definition of proliferation is each country gets a nuclear or chemical or biological warfare capability others have a strong incentive to do the same so i mean isn't that a bit extreme to say that you know every country will pursue these types of weapons at just as a consequence of iran getting a hold of them i think it's very extreme and i think that that threat is being used
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and used by saudi arabia for instance who recently said if you're wrong it's a nuclear weapon we're going to pursue a nuclear weapon that that threat is being used to coerce the united states to take a more hawkish stance towards iran just like the israeli threat of military action is using to coerce the united states and the international community to take a more hawkish stance they make it so that the options are very limited either you do what we want you to do on iran or there's going to be very bad consequences that we will create and speaking of hawkish stances that is the stance that a lot of g.o.p. candidates for presidential candidates are taking as we saw earlier we played a clip of the various g.o.p. candidates what can they possibly gain from showing this hardline stance against iran and does the american public really support this this do or die mentality when it comes to iran i don't think the american public does support this i think that this is a way for these candidates to appear tough on foreign policy when there are very
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few things that they can criticize the president on when it comes to being tough i mean this is a president who has you know killed more terrorists in drone strikes than any of his predecessors. but i think that the american people once this actually becomes something that is more part of the debate are going to say we don't want to go to war. we don't want to invest blood and treasure into this another military adventure in the middle east we don't want the gas prices to soar out of control once those things actually get talked about i mean you'll notice a lot of these candidates will not go so far as to actually clearly layout what they're proposing it's mostly a difference in tone you know they say we'll do covert attacks publicly well obama's versions doing covert attacks are just not talking about it so i think it's really just a way to differentiate themselves from the president and i don't think it's successful jamal thank you so much for weighing in on this that was a jamal you policy director of the national iranian american council.
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well still ahead on our at the occupy wall street protesters claim their movement is being infiltrated by government secret agents coming up well tell you the dead giveaway protestors say points directly to the cia. lindsey lowe and. the rachel that these women are not people are suggesting she's.
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no she says she's a star. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right now that. i think the rocket be the one well. we never got the book says they're going to keep you safe get ready because you give them your freedom.
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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok. i'm charging welcomes a big picture of. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it's already been made who can you trust no one. is jim deal with the global mission to receive where we had a state controlled capitalism is called fascism when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more.
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well as the cia behind the intense occupy wall street crackdown we may never know for sure as the agency is not dive all. during any information on the subject by law the ca cia is not allowed to be involved in domestic matters only foreign intelligence issues but after seeing the organized almost military response to the demonstrations throughout the nation some are raising eyebrows as to what is behind the crackdown and who exactly is involved one agency d.c. based partnership for civil justice filed a request of the cia to get some answers but their request was denied now this raises many questions and tell me answer the i spoke earlier tomorrow of our hayden hillard executive director of the partnership for civil justice fund she told me what happened when she requested information from the cia under the freedom of
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information act take a look. we filed the partnership for civil justice fund filed a series of freedom of information act demands against different government agencies when we saw this quick succession of fictions and crackdowns on occupy encampments around the country and the central intelligence agency agency is one of the agencies that we ask that they release records that are in their possession related to the occupy movement and the involvement that they may have now there are a number of responses they could be given but the response they gave us is extremely disturbing and they wrote back saying that they would refuse to process the request basically on the grounds that if the cia had any involvement it would have been illegal for it to have involvement and therefore their records system is not constructed in a way that they could possibly search for their involvement and they refuse to process the request but aren't they under the freedom of information act require it
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to come up with these documents if they have them yes and they could have written back saying they were conducting a search they could have written back saying they conducted a search and found nothing if there was nothing to find but what is it that they have to hide instead they wrote back they cited their authorizations under the law and the fact that they're not supposed to be engaged in domestic intelligence activity and then responded by saying therefore we won't process your request and that we are incapable of properly searching for any evidence of our activity now i know that this is on the heels of the associated press reports that have come out where they did their own investigative reports into the cia's involvement with the n.y.p.d. and then why p.b. in new york city's been as we know ground zero for occupy wall street now. after their response they're not giving you these documents do you think that they're trying to hide his records if they have them apparently they are trying to hide him i mean why not write back and say that they're conducting the search or that they
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conducted a search and if they genuinely didn't have anything they didn't have anything but they wrote back and said. he would refuse to process the request so what indication something raised a suspicion where you wanted to get this information what indication are we seeing that the cia was in fact involved in the crackdown at these protests throughout the country well what we have seen is around the country in quick succession there was a crackdown to fictions all around the united states we know that there's been coordination because there's been admissions from different government officials that there was coordination among different mayors office is employees agencies and they discuss talking points and tactics for dealing with the occupy movement and there's a real question as to federal involvement i mean i don't think anyone would credibly suggest that the federal government is not a value even is not looking is not considering how to deal with this massive movement taking over the united states and inspiring people worldwide of course they are so we have simply asked the cia and other federal agencies to turn over
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and make public their documents related to any coordination or involvement they have had in these crackdowns and that's where the partnership for civil justice fund is trying to obtain right now so if the cia is involved that raises a lot of serious legal questions because that breaches both the departmental code and national legislation could we talk about the legal implications of this shore while the cia you know has a very ugly history of the united states of domestic surveillance going from certainly throughout the war or the civil rights movement and it was exposed during the cointelpro period in the in the church committee hearings and the cia had operation chaos and other mechanisms where they were directly spying on people in the antiwar movement the black liberation movement and that conduct is barred by law but as we've seen obviously the u.s. intelligence agencies have really run aggressively wild over people's fundamental
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rights both in the united states and worldwide in the last decade and we've seen no effort from the gun. i meant or this administration to restrain them the fact that the cia is operating in with the n.y.p.d. in new york city raises very significant issues as to whether or not they are currently at this moment in violation of fundamental laws restricting their conduct and we want to know what role they have with the occupy movement now we are dealing with the cia so they so who would be tasked with investigating the cia because obviously they can't investigate themselves so well with that what would that look like well this is always a problem women agencies you know then turn to police themselves they're not very successful at it there are one way to do it is what we're doing is for the public to make a demand and for the public and the population to insist that the government make public its records that people have a right to know what the government of the united states is doing and that's the step that we've taken that's the first step to make these demands if we need to go to court to obtain information and to try to get
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a judicial order for seeing the government to open its records then we will we don't think that the government of the united states has a right to keep secret books on the people the united states saying you are prepared to take legal action against the cia yes we are now i understand that you also filed similar request with other agencies yes we have filed requests with the department of homeland security we have filed them with the f.b.i. with the park service and the department of justice as well we're also finally requests all around the united states with local municipalities and police agencies and mary's offices to get information on their coordination as well as they're dealing with the federal law enforcement authorities any response yet from those agencies we are actually getting some documents we expect shortly from the district of columbia and we expect others to also be producing or refusing to produce and if they do we are prepared to take legal action to get this material and really quickly i want to ask you what the response that we are seeing from this occupy wall street demonstrations out why the feds would get involved and why we saw such a strong almost military response to the movement well it's true we're seeing
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a. military paramilitary response from police agencies in the united states and as i said this is a movement that's really inspiring people it's putting in front and center the fundamental injustices in society in the united states and around the world and people are demanding change and that's when change happens when you see huge numbers of people taking to the streets and refusing to take no for an answer the government is really going to have to look at that and decide how they can handle it or if they can handle it because people have demands right now in those demands are not going to go away. that was mayor of our haven heller executive director of the partnership for several justice fund and coming up on our t.v. they're taking a trip to the international space station and coming up we'll tell you the latest so use that lift up and the mission that lies ahead for it be cause minot's aboard safe havens. was
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the police the roughing it was one of the protest nobody seems to know. but never a pepper sprayed the face but part of the argument that they're being overly dramatic. welcome to the capital account i'm lauren lyster.
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just put a picture of me when i was like nine years old i like to tell the truth. incessant i am a ghetto friends that i love traveling hip hop music and. it was kind of a yesterday. i'm very proud of the wall that it's played.
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internal we are military making do the work to bring justice or accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i pay taxes. but i would characterize obama as a charismatic. of american exceptionalism.
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a russian soyuz spacecraft carrying three future international space station crew members blasted off this morning just in time for the holidays the rocket which is carrying some newly developed digital equipment is expected to reach to the i os us on a friday and the crew members will stay aboard for six months to conduct experiments artie's and he's undoubtedly was lucky enough to witness the launch take a look. why is rocket just about to blast off here from baikonur cosmodrome and conflicts stand let's take a look at this site. absolutely
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incredible there will reach the top speed of one point five kilometers per second and i will have the rocket in orbit and less than ninety minutes from blast off that we just saw onboard our three space men including russian cosmonauts and young go along with an american astronaut a new european astronaut from holland and they will be onboard the international space station for some six months of course that means they will be spending christmas and new year's there for some of them it's not the first time they'll be spending the holidays there we had a chance to speak to them just before takeoff and what they said were it was yes we'll have some kind of celebration of their commander will certainly have the christmas hats ready and we will take part in some kind of celebration to really do have a lot of work to do what they'll be doing there is conducting several of some thirty six or so experiments there and also be doing engineering research one of the experiments which is considered the most important in terms of research that's going on at the international space station is actually trying to find life forms
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on the outer surface of the i assess of course this is the only way now to reach to have crews reached i assess through the site space program because the u.s. nasa i should say of course grounded their shuttle missions to the i s s so it steve. although this is the last mission to the i assess for two thousand and eleven we're hearing that will be several more missions in twenty twelve and now it's the only way to continue this very international what all spokesman say is a very important program for the international space community reporting from baikonur cosmodrome no way for our two. amazing wish i could have been there although it does look very cold and for the very latest information on this mission you can check out our website at art's eat out cob that is going to do it for now for more on the stories we covered go to r.t. dot com slash usa and you can also check out our youtube page it's youtube dot com
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slash artsy america and you can also follow me on twitter at liz wall the alona show is coming up in just a half hour tonight a lot of we'll take a look at a new idea to make campaign donations completely secret shall tell you why this strategy might be more beneficial to the public and i will be right back here with more news that's a bit see that.


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